Curriculum and Instruction

The School District of St. Croix Falls  is in its third year of implementation of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).  These PLCs guide the work of the district based on the following questions found from Robert DuFours work:

1) What do we want students to learn? What should each student know and be able to do as a result of each unit, grade level, and/or course? (Curriculum)

2) How will we know if they have learned? Are we monitoring each student’s learning on a timely basis? (Assessment)

3) What will we do if they don’t learn? What systematic process is in place to provide additional time and support for students who are experiencing difficulty? (Response to Intervention)

4) What will we do if they already know it? (Differentiated Instruction)

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What do we want students to learn? (Curriculum)

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How will we know if they have learned? (Assessment)

Through the use of both formative (for learning) and summative assessments (of learning), we work to better match instruction to the learning needs of our students.  Formative assessments help teachers make adjustments to current instruction to meet the needs of the students while summative assessments help provide a summary of what students have learned.  Based on the intended learning defined in the curriculum, teachers use these assessments to best ensure that we are meeting the learning needs of all students.  


What will we do if they don't learn? (Response to Intervention)

The district is in the process of developing and implementing Response to Intervention (RtI) framework to help support each student at their achievement level.  Beginning with quality core instruction in the classroom, teachers work to differentiate instruction to meet each student at their level.  Additional tiered support from small group to almost individual support is provided for students to support their learning in the core classroom.

SCF Response to Intervention Flow Chart - Reading


What will we do if they already know it? (Differentiated Instruction)

The district continually reviews the curriculum taught to ensure the highest quality education for all students.  

DPI  Resource:


Assessment of student learning is viewed through several lenses. 

District / School Report Cards:

State Assessment Results:  The WISEdash web site provides a vehicle to explore student data.


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